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Our main swim support vessel Sarau is a solid built highly maneuverable 8.6m diesel cabin cruiser which can comfortably carry 8 persons



Sarau has all the facilities you would expect including ports to charge your devices and a tracker or 2 on board.

With a double berth cabin there is room for swimmers and crew to rest their head if needed as well as a private changing space and a good amount of storage.

The vessel also boasts an onboard head (boaty toilet) with a hot water shower. We have a small galley (kitchen) with a sink and double hob stove, allowing us to boil water and do some simple cooking. There are some basic supplies in the galley including tea, coffee, sugar and drinking water.

The salon has comfortable seating for 4 people

and the indoor area is fully heated.

Out the back of the boat is a large seating area with a rain cover overhead but exposed side panels allowing easy feeding and interaction with the swimmer, whilst sheltering from the worst of the weather.

Water access is via a ladder and swim platform at the stern of the vessel.


On board is an extensive safety kit including a full first aid kit, fire extinguishers, lifejackets and flares etc. We also have an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) which skipper and all crew are competent and comfortable using if needed.
Our specialist kit includes thermometers, anemometers, stop watches, blankets and a rescue stretcher.
We do carry some swim spares just in case such as swim caps, goggles and lights etc.


We have a range of other vessels available if required.

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