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Swim Record: FAQ

 All swims escorted by Loch Swim Alba are recorded on our own Swim Record, we also understand that many of you may like to have your swim recognised by a governing body.


This is certainly something Loch Swim Alba can help with.


As well as our very own challenges based right here in Scotland, some of our swims are part of world wide challenges such as the Stillwater Eight , The Toughest Thirteen and the Triple Crown of Lake Monster Swims.


BLDSA - the British Long Distance Swimming Association recognises swims all over Britain, at Loch Swim Alba we are fully conversant with the process and rules of having a swim recognised by the BLDSA. Whilst the recognition process is between the swimmer and the BLDSA, we are more than happy to answer whatever questions we can and help however possible including supplying an observer if required.

Information on the BLDSA recognition process, swim rules and the application form found here.


MSF - the Marathon Swimmers Federation ratifies swims of more than 10km from all over the world. The ratification process is between the swimmer and the MSF however Loch Swim Alba is fully conversant with the ratification process and the rules which must be adhered to. We are happy to help in any way needed including the supply of observers. For the full information on the MSF ratification process go here and for the MSF rules here.

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